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Westwood Village Chiropractic® is conveniently located near UCLA and is committed to offering quality chiropractic treatments. Dr. Brian Nishimoto is a chiropractor dedicated to helping you achieve optimum wellness through his treatments.

Westwood Village Chiropractic® offers chiropractic care specific to your needs which includes manual adjustments, flexion distraction technique, ultrasound, interferential current, electrical stimulation, massage, and much more.

Low back pain, neck pain, disc injuries, a pinched nerve, sciatica, scoliosis, whiplash, carpal tunnel, strains, sprains, tingling, numbness, sports injuries, work related injuries, spinal symptoms related to pregnancy, and other debilitating symptoms and conditions that affect your wellness are all treated by Dr. Brian Nishimoto, D.C.
Ultrasound neck treatment — Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA
Shoulder Electrical Stimulation — Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA
Back massage given to a young man — Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA

Auto & Work Injuries

Man holding sore neck massaging cervical area suffering body pain — Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA
Imagine Life Without Pain

Maybe you've been in a car accident. Or had an injury on the job. Or have dull aches or shooting pains you can't get rid of. For you, imagining life without pain may seem impossible. Try chiropractic. Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed health care providers who can often bring relief where others have failed. Chiropractic is a proven, effective method of health care that doesn't involve the use of drugs or surgery. It can help restore your energy and give you the sense of well being you haven't felt in years. Imagine feeling pain-free again. Find out how chiropractic care can help. Call and make an appointment today.

Sport Injuries

No Pain, No Gain....No More!

"No Pain, No Gain" doesn't have to be true for you anymore. Today, many people who are into sports or fitness see doctors of chiropractic to help prevent pain and injury. And those who have been injured see chiropractors to get on their feet again quickly, without the use of drugs or surgery. If you're into sports, our care can mean less "playing hurt" and improved performance. If you're into fitness for health reasons, or to improve your appearance, our care can mean more time working out and less time in pain. Find out how much there is to gain from chiropractic care. Call and make an appointment today.
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